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What services do you provide?

Corporate Meetings/Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, Outdoor Special Events, Religious Events, Live Event Production, basically any occasion where Audio, Lighting, Video or Staging, and Production Services are needed.

What size video screen should I use for my event?

In a small room for a breakout, you should use any of the 32-60 inch plasma screens, but for a large ballroom or convention center a common equation is to divide the distance from the screens position at the front to the last row of seats in the room by 9. Use this number as the height required for the screen size. As an example, if the screen is 100ft from the last row of chairs then the height of the screen should be 11ft high, (100ft divided by 9 = 11.1ft).

How much power do I need to ask the hotel to supply for the AV?

Depending on the size of your equipment needs this can be from a a few 20 amp circuits in the walls of the ballroom to 100″s of amps for larger PA and lighting systems.
For example; a small meeting in a ballroom can be a couple of speakers on stands, a video projector and screen and LED lights which can all be plugged into the wall outlets at the venue. However, for a thousand people or more, you should plan in terms of 100amps for audio and video, with another 400 amps supply for lighting.

I am doing an event and need to stream HD video from the ballroom, how much bandwidth do I need?

A low end HD video (720p24HD) using a H.264 codec would work at 2.5mbps, but a high end 1080p30 video will need twice the bandwidth.

In a long room theater style, what can you do to stop the speakers at the front being really loud and not loud enough at the back of the venue?

This a common problem with long theater style layouts. We overcome this two ways, one is by reducing the size of the speakers at the front so that they only throw sound half of the length of the hall, then we add a set of “Delay Speakers” to cover the rest of the room. The second way is to fly a Line Array system in the venue and calibrate the throw distance, angle and performance of the array to compensate for volume at the front seats all the way to the rear seats, creating a smooth audio response for all the attendees.

Is there any AV equipment considered more green than other AV equipment? How is this measured?

Currently there are no standard definitions of green Audio Visual equipment when it comes to products. Infocomm International who are one of the leading AV industry association’s have developed a new system called STEP. (Sustainable Technology Environments Program)
There are AV products available that are now considered more green than others for a number of reasons. An example would be products:
that are made from recycled components
which require less energy than comparable products, like LED over conventional lamps,
that produce less waste or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) than comparable products

What size images should I use for graphics presentations with a laptop and video projector.

In the past when all screens were 4×3 format this was an easy answer, you formatted to the native size of your video projector – usually 1024×760 pixels. But now with 16×9 and cinema screen format projectors the values have changed. Most laptops are now showing images at 1366×760 pixels and this should be the new image size to work to. Always ask for the native size of the projector to be certain though.