Will the Freefly MoVi replace SteadiCam?

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Launched at NAB this year the guys from FreeFly released the MoVI camera stabilizer.

Designed to replace the functionality of a steadicam, users can quickly and easily learn the operational techniques required to produce amazing shots. In just the few minutes that I tried it and got used to the motion, it became obvious that this is a seriously professional piece of gear for hand held guys. The ability to quickly whip round and keep the camera stable and then to be able to drop down and keep moving forward without losing the object was incredible.

As much camera work as I have done in the past, you could become very proficient with this in a couple of hours; unlike the steadicam which can take days or weeks to fully master.
This would definitely be a piece of gear that I would want in my budget for the next shoot, not just for ease of use by the operator, but for the great shots it gives the director the opportunity to get.

Check out the behind the scenes look at the new MoVi M10

Here is the FreeFly at NAB being interviewed by Kelby Media Group.

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