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Event Planning.

Do you have a question on whether your AV or Production idea will work?

Call us and we will give you an honest opinion on whether it is feasible, and if it’s not, then some ideas that could make it work. We totally understand how busy you are with all the other areas of schedule, hotels, catering, entertainment, presenters, etc., and if we can help you in any way – we will.
As a Production company as well as an AV company, Resource Group is very versed in requirements for Event Planners and we love to help bring your event to life.

Our background knowledge of areas related to events is invaluable and we can help advise you on a number of technical issues if you would like us to. Everything ranging from power or generator requirements, ballroom sizes, backline, rigging specialties, additional requirements for outdoor events, etc., are all part of our customer service.

With larger events as we work together, (if you want) we will come out for meetings with fire marshals or convention center management to explain what equipment and how the technical aspects of your event are going to flow together with your schedule and program you have designed.