20 Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays reviewed.

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List of 20 Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays reviewed.

KIVA Line Array
The increase of small and subcompact line arrays today has enabled almost every space to benefit from line array technology.

When Line Array’s first came onto the market their size limited their application especially in Live sound in ballrooms, houses of worship, etc.

I remember testing the original Meyer Sound MD3 in Daytona, FL in the Ocean Center Arena and thinking what a great sound and box – but totally unsuitable for anything less than large arena’s and stadiums because of its weight and size, giving it a limited scope of usability.

Keeping with  Meyer Sound as an example; Meyer Sound now has a line array for every facility and venue, from their new Milo through to Mina.

So what else is there available? Tech Decisions recently did a list of 20 of the subcompact and mini line arrays currently in use.

Click here for the guide to 20 Subcompact and mini Line Arrays from Tech Decisions.


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