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Analog Way NeXtage 16 Seamless SwitcherIts not every switcher that comes along that gets me excited but Analog Way’s new NeXtage 16 is one presentation switcher that does.
The NeXtage 16 is Analog Way’s latest high end seamless presentation switcher. Developed from their LiveCoreTM platform with a new generation high end AV processor to offer a professional seamless switcher. Equipped with 16 scalers, 8 seamless inputs, and 2 main outputs with either 3GHD-SDi, DVi-D, fiber out or universal analog. The options are almost limitless.

Its 28 inputs are laid out as 4 HDMI, 6 DVi-D, 2 Displayport, 8 3GHD-SDi and 8 universal analog, with each output having 4 independent seamless layers, plus a native background layer that allows the operator to soft edge blend, or use on separate screens.

The newly developed LiveCoreTM platform delivers true seamless switching with powerful live processing, user friendliness and ease of operation.

See attached brochure NeXtage 16

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