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If you are looking for AV installation in Lakeland, FL, then Resource Group AV has all the experience and knowledge to assist you whether it is a school, business, conference room, meeting space, church or hospital. Usually an install begins with sit down meetings to go over any architects plans or drawings or maybe it is a sketch of an idea on a napkin. At Resource Group AV we will transfer your idea into drawings and after deciding on dates, budget and the scope of work will begin as soon as the equipment is ordered and delivered ready for install.

Installations in Lakeland, FL can be plasma screens or video projectors in conference rooms to provide access to show graphics and PowerPoint slides, or sales presentations, with control technology that turns all the equipment on and off sequentially. In bigger venues that need sound systems and lighting to supplement, then CAD drawings will be prepared and signed off by all parties involved before the teams go in to do the install.

Local Examples where Resource Group AV has done installations are:
The video communications at Tampa General Hospital surgical rooms, video install at banking conference rooms, TV lighting at Ambassador Auditorium which required installing 4 new digital lighting racks and dimmers, television and studio fixtures with Grand MA console as well as new Christie 12k projectors for their 30ft video screen. Audio installation at iHop University with total audio install of Meyer Sound speakers throughout the classrooms and campus. Assisted installation with Strong Communications at Busch Gardens with audio installs at Lion, Hippo enclosures.

To start your discussion of installation needs please call our office at 863 701 2010.

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