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What do you know? Take the test.

Whatever level of experience you have in the AV field, technicians and engineers are always learning each day about new technology, as well as great tips and tricks to save time on setup and what works best with this or that piece of equipment.

But how many of the AV engineers that we know, actually sit down and prepare for exams on AV?  A lot of the time, experience is passed down first hand on the job, or in the office, or warehouse during QC and prep for events.

I am all for education. I enjoy reading about new technology but its also good to evaluate what you think you know, and then if there are any areas you need to revise, you can focus on getting that area of expertise up to standard too.

infocomm internationalI was on InfoComm International site this week and found a number of quick written tests you can download and take, to see how much you have learned so far, and see where you need to improve. Answers are at the back of the test – but don’t look until you’ve finished.

Here is their website Infocomm International-self-assement you can scroll down and see 8 practice exams to test how much you do or don’t know.
Take your time, some of the questions will make you think.

Here is the link to download  the Certificate Preparation Pretest Essentials.pdf try it and see how you do.



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