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MeyerSound Install at FCF - ihopkc in Grandview, MOihopkc – Forerunner Christian Fellowship
Grandview, MO.

It is always exciting to renovate a PA system with the latest state of the art equipment and that is exactly what happened at the FCF iHOP-KC Meyer Sound install in Grandview Missouri first week of April.

Resource Group AV installed a new 15 box system in the Foreruner Christian Fellowship, Grandview, Missouri, the third consecutive Meyer Sound install at iHOP-KC produced by RGAV.

Back in 2012, Stephen Brown from Resource Group AV was asked to provide a design for a new sound system at FCF. Brown reached out to his colleague Roger Gans – NY Sound Designer who was the sound designer for the 285,000-square foot Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, built at a cost of $413 Million. Gans first spent a weekend taking measurements and layout before designing the acoustical sound design using the appropriate Meyer Sound boxes for the church.
With FCF’s busy schedule it took until the first week of April for the church to have enough spare time and space on their calendar to do the install.

Firstly before the install started the electricians had to come in and put a new isolation transformer into place that would power the speakers at 220/208 throughout the building and provide an isolation from all the other equipment in the building. Resource Group AV put the bid out to tender and chose Teague Electrical as the electrical contractors who won the final bid. Ray Russell from Teague was extremely helpful throughout the whole install as well as Mark and Chris the actual install guys.

The first week of April crew from RGAV flew to Grandview to begin the install of the system.

The system comprised of:
6 x MeyerSound UPQ 1 with 3 x MPA UPQ Flyware to create Left, Center, Right clusters flown over the stage area
1 x Meyer Sound UPQ 2
6 x MeyerSound UPQ 1
2 x Meyer Sound UPA 1
4 x Meyer Sound UPJ
2 x Meyer Sound MJF212 to supplement the 3 MJF212 already on stage.
2 x Meyer Sound LCF 1100 subs
1 x Meyer Sound Galileo

6 Drive lines from the front of house gave maximum control over the Galileo for the system.
Then each speaker had its own dedicated line run to it to enable greater control over the system throughout the room.

After three days of installation, then two days of tuning and time alignment of the system, the system was ready for rehearsal by the first band of the weekends events and presentations by the speakers for the weekend.

Everybody’s reaction to the new system was how clear the sound was and the great intelligibly. Mike Bickle founder of iHOP-KC said that the new Meyer Sound system was a dramatic improvement from their previous system and Misty Edwards who is over the music and sound department commentated that she could hear an immediate improvement in tonal quality of the music and speech.

Andrew Bottom who is the head of Audio services at Grandview and ihopkc was a tremendous help in the install and worked under Roger Gans on the Galileo 616 and all the settings, EQ, etc involved.

Steve Brown

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