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I have always liked the impressive size of having a large portrait size screen left and right of the stage for talking heads and speaker presentations and in the past we have usually had to  edge blend two projectors vertically per screen.

However the clever people at Analog Way have built into their newest machines a program as part of their new LiveCore (TM) platform that allows you to take a video camera picture and export it instead of horizontal onto a  9x16ft screen, but onto a tall portrait 16x9ft screen using only one projector.

How is this possible? Simply turn the projector onto its side and the LiveCore TM software will reformat the camera feed to fit a 9ftx16ft tall screen.

However if you have a lot of graphics and actual video footage to show you are going to need an imag screen somewhere on stage to show full size video otherwise everything will be cropped to fit and play on the portrait screens as a smaller image.

See the new Analog Way Live Core TM video below.

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