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Wifi_web_20_stickerMost people have become used to going to Hotels and having wifi available in their rooms, in the lobby, restaurants, etc., and share videos, games to their friends.
But in the meeting space area’s in hotels, this is something that the hotel locks down and there is usually a charge for. So if you have a presenter as I had recently that decided last-minute that they wanted to show an excerpt from YouTube as part of their presentation, they were unable to do it over wifi.
However, we always test presenters computers that they insist on using with our systems, so we had a little warning and they were able to use software to pull the video onto their hard drive and then play back the excerpt of the drive.

Planning ahead and always asking both the client and presenters their needs including presenters needs for playback, stops last-minute panics and having to jump through hoops to make the presentation work.

Always ask the hotel what their policy is for wifi in meeting space and especially ballroom where you may want to have enough bandwidth available for people to sign on and use live twitter and Facebook posts.


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